Oh and by the way.. the birthday party. Here’s a checklist of events for your viewing pleasure. McDonald’s meltdown.. mom wanted coffee and passed the golden arches.. kids melted down and wouldn’t believe there was going to be food there. To avoid the hazard to come, I waited 25 minutes in the lunch rush to … More EPISODE THREE


Having a kiddo on the spectrum is hard. It’s not easy. It’s a lot of work, patience, love, stress, self control and so many other things. Every day is a learning curve from the day before. No day is the same, no day’s tricks will consistently work for the next. Today was one of those … More EPISODE TWO


I don’t know if I should thank you for stopping by to read this or tell you to head for the hills and click “next”! There’s a whole lot of rambling ahead.. It’s Saturday morning, my kids have been up since before 6:30 and I just made the worst cup of coffee in my life. … More EPISODE ONE